14 February 2012

Red Angel - Review

I'm not a fan of comic books. Sunday comics? Love them. Web comics? Some of them. Movies made from comic books? Adore. But paper comic books? Or worse, comic book enthusiasts... *shudder*

So when Larry Jarrell of WTFlux Comics asked me to review Red Angel, his new steampunk comic, I agreed. A bit reluctantly, but I love helping out other steampunk artists and startups.

What I found in Red Angel surprised me. Jarrell sent me issues 1 and 2, and I accused him of being a tease!

Red Angel focuses on one of my favorite aspects of steampunk: aerial dog fights! It has a strong, enigmatic female lead in Victoria Angel; her strength lies in her own abilities, not the tearing down of others. Were she real, that's an airship captain I'd happily serve under. As a rather independent spirit, that's saying something!

The crew of the Red Angel (Victoria, her sister and engineer Bridget, gunner Marcus Broadside, navigator Jovian, and 1st mate 2458) all think that by combating the Machines terrorizing the populace, and taking the odd coin as payment, they're helping; they think that opportunistic pirates have reanimated the Machines for their own profit. Until they capture the crew of the Firebrand.

Want to know more? See the lovely artwork in action? Unravel the mysteries that Red Angel tantalizes with? Purchase here, or purchase the digital download version here!

Oh, and Mr. Jarrell, sir, when can we look forward to the next installments?

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