28 February 2012

Red Angel Comic Issue 3 - Review

Red Angel Cover, Issue 2
Issues 1 & 2 of WTFlux Comics' Red Angel were fantastic! Sheer, bloody brilliance! The story line is intriguing, sucking you in, and as an experienced book reader, this has the feel of a plot that has been fully mapped-out before any issues/episodes are created. Some book or tv series feel like the plot just bounces from issue to issue, no real cohesion, jumping around, entangling rather than engaging the reader.

Red Angel isn't like that. Red Angel is cohesive, intriguing, and flows well. The storyboard doesn't jump all over the page, enabling even novice comics readers like Yours Truly to follow it easily.

Red Angel Cover, Issue 3
Issue 3 doesn't disappoint! The artwork is sharp, beautiful imagery, the steampunk elements are absolutely delicious! I adore the details on the Red Angel herself, the figurehead, the logo that repeats on Tori's boot and 2458's chest piece.

The relationship between Tori and Quinn, captain of the Firebrand, is tense, adversarial, and at the same time electric and oddly compelling. You get the feeling that they will end up either as friendly competition, or in bed together.

I must say, as a self-proclaimed comic book newbie, Red Angel has me hooked! Poor WTFlux, I keep pestering them for the next issue! I can't wait to see what issue 4 has in store! If you haven't checked these out, you need to! Go, now! What are you waiting for?

Red Angel Art
Want to know more? See the lovely artwork in action? Unravel the mysteries that Red Angel tantalizes with? Purchase here, or purchase the digital download version here!

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